The complete disruption of our world has led to stress and uncertainty like never before. If you’re feeling trapped or bored at home, here are some art therapy ideas to help nourish your mind and fill your time with something relaxing and meaningful:

Make a letter or postcard

This is a great way to get creative while doing something meaningful for others. Make a fun postcard design with plenty of doodles and heartfelt messages for a friend or family member using whatever you have on hand—pencils, pens, markers or even paint are perfect mediums to work with. If you’d like to make things contact-free, take photos of your creation and send the photos to the recipient, instead of mailing the physical letter to them.

Draw badly on purpose

Yes, on purpose! Try drawing something with your non-dominant hand, or do a traditional art warm-up exercise: Blind Contour. In this exercise, the artist stares at the subject and draws without ever looking at the paper. If you’re a harsh self-critic (like me) exercises like these are great to help you let loose, laugh, and have fun with art without trying to be perfect. This is a fun activity to do with others, so consider having a video call with your friends and draw together!

Express your emotional state

Art is a powerful way to come to terms with what’s in your head. Sometimes, just taking a piece of paper and visually expressing your feelings is all you can do. Just draw whatever you feel like doing. Feeling angry? You might draw hard, thick lines in an abstract pattern. Feeling confused? Loose, circular scribbles might be a better representation of how you feel. There are zero rules here—just let go and try to visually express what you feel. Getting what’s in your head onto paper can help relieve tension and provide a healthy outlet. 

Being stranded at home has brought on a burst of creativity from people all over the world as they look for new outlets and activities to stay occupied. Now more than ever, folks are willing to try new and creative things in their daily life, and these creative activities have the power to nurture our hearts and minds as we remain in isolation. Don’t be afraid to experiment and create your own art activities. Everyone has the ability to be creative. 

We’ll get through this. Together.