Fonts are the backbone of a brand’s visual identity, but when there’s a big team working on a brand it can be hard to maintain visual consistency and ensure everyone is using the same fonts in their projects. Using Google Fonts for your brand is a great solution to this problem—Google fonts are free and easy to download or use in a website, which means anyone on your team can access and use them without any hassle. Here’s a breakdown of 3 features that make Google fonts a great choice for brand identities:


They’re Free

Free fonts don’t always equate to quality fonts—but in Google’s case, many of the fonts available were created by established type foundries dedicated to their craft. Where some font families can cost upwards of $500 from foundry websites, Google Fonts offers quality type without the hefty price tag. The simple and free licensing makes it easy for everyone in your team to download the font and use it in projects. 


They’re everywhere

Since Google Fonts have become extremely popular in the world of design, they’re often pre-loaded into platforms and software—which makes it easy to select and use them in whatever project you’re working on. This is especially helpful when you need to use a platform that doesn’t allow you to upload custom font files. Chances are, whatever design software you’re working in will have at least a handful of Google Fonts available.


They look good

Not all typefaces available on Google Fonts are high-quality, and many are heavily overused, but there are lots of hidden gems to find in the vast library of 1,064 font families that call Google Fonts home. Rather than just scrolling through and picking some random fonts, it’s best to define what kind of fonts you want to represent your brand, and then search for some possible matches on Google Fonts. Define the look you’re going for first, and search out a match that hasn’t already been used by hundreds of other brands (think fonts like Bebas Neue and Poppins). If no fonts on Google match what you’re looking for, then it may be time to purchase some fonts for your brand directly from a type foundry.


Google Fonts is a great resource for designers and web developers, and can make the process of using brand fonts much easier. However, design should never be sacrificed for the sake of convenience. If Google Fonts doesn’t fit the brand look you’re trying to create—then don’t force it. But if you find fonts that fit your brand, Google Fonts is the perfect way to make things easy for your team.