If you find yourself newly working from home, your workflow probably looks different than it would in your office. Because of this, you might be looking for some tools or resources to help streamline these new processes. Listed below are 5 free tools that might help you function in the new normal. 


This tool can be  helpful when you’re trying to explain something to a coworker without physically being present. You can record different functions on your screen, while using your computer’s microphone to add audio. In the end you will receive a free URL that allows you to share the recording with those who might need it. 



Let’s be honest, most stock photography is lifeless and expensive. While grabbing organic, real time photos is on pause, Unsplash is a great resource for keeping your social platforms up and running. Unsplash has an assortment of well-shot stock photos free to download. It’s a great way to get the photos you need without all the stress that surrounds it. 


Doing design work can be intimidating, but apps like Canva make creating available to everyone. Offering free design templates, all you need to add is your own copy and  images to receive the most eye-catching graphics for your business.  

Facebook Blueprint Courses 

Facebook Advertising can be an intimidating place. At Ashby and Gabriel, we are seasoned in the art of this ever-changing landscape and we seek to help guide you through it. However, if consulting with an agency is not an option for you right now, Facebook Blueprint is a good place to start. 

LinkedIn Free Learning Courses 

In our news and media archives, we mentioned that LinkedIn is offering a free learning path of 11 courses to help with skills from job search strategies to interviewing techniques. If you or anyone you know is out of work, this resource is a great refresher for getting back in the workforce. 

Hopefully these resources will prove to be an asset to your team, like they did ours. We are all in this together.