Have you ever wondered what your account executive is thinking on the other end of a phone call? We pride ourselves on open and transparent communication- it’s a central value of our business- but there are still things I wish I could tell my clients. 

Here are a couple secrets your digital marketing agency wishes they could share with you:

Your great aunt/best friend/college roommate’s design work or photography is…not as good as they think it is

All too often we see a great product or service get derailed by bad creative. We prefer to utilize our in-house design team for our clients, because they’re experienced in optimizing creative for the right platforms. But sometimes, we’ll add a client who already has a creative partner. Sometimes, that designer will bring a fresh perspective and repertoire of skills that truly enhance the project. Unfortunately, there’s always a few cases where their design isn’t optimized for social campaigns. These cases can be tricky to navigate, especially when personal relationships are involved. If you’re utilizing your own designer or photographer, make sure you objectively consider their experience in this specific field.  

Great work takes planning, creative space, and time. When last minute requests become your M.O., your outcomes will suffer

We consider ourselves a white-glove agency, and this means we do our best to accommodate our clients’ needs, which sometimes means requests for last minute campaigns or strategic changes. Life happens! But when last minute requests become a habit, it prevents us from being able to do the deep creative work that makes for the best campaigns. We want to do a dive into your strategy, have time for technical optimizations, carefully review creative and create tons of variations, and put together a holistic plan. Last minute requests take time and resources away from campaigns that would have performed better.

The more open you are about the health of your business, the better we can plan

Clients are often hesitant to share with us when something outside of marketing is affecting their business. Maybe they’re having a hard time getting deliveries out on time, or inventory has become a nightmare. The more we know about how your business is really, honestly doing, the better we can plan. It’s helpful to know if there may be legitimate criticisms from customers coming so we can have a communication strategy in place. And, several of our team members are experienced business advisers. We may even be able to help!

Organized communication makes a world of difference

We’re constantly monitoring email, Slack, spreadsheets, and multiple project management tools for client and team member communication. Organization is key to making sure everything comes together. Different systems work better for different projects- whether it’s a live, shared spreadsheet, a regular sync call, or a project management system, my favorite clients are the ones who religiously use the system we decide on together, and I’ll do the same. When I know all our communication will take place through the channel we’ve agreed on, it’s easier to keep everything on track. 

We’re obsessed with your campaigns

Seriously. We check them all the time. Before work. After work. On the weekend. Currently, I’m managing over a hundred campaigns, so while I may not know the exact metrics for yours off the top of my head, you can bet that I am constantly reviewing every ad account. We work in an industry that’s based on one thing: results. We know our continued relationship with you depends on earning great outcomes. We feel that pressure- and that’s a good thing for you, and for us. No one cares about your business as much as you do, but I believe we come in a close second, because our business depends on your business thriving. 

We are incredibly thankful to be able to work with the businesses and organizations we do. We believe our clients are quite literally changing the world, and we’re grateful to be part of it.