With Facebook and Instagram changing their algorithm it can be frustrating trying to grow your following. Posting regularly is a good start but there’s several other ways to make sure you’re staying in front of your key audience and keeping their interest. 

Test times of day that work for your audience 

Experiment and test different posting times on different platforms. IG and FB have an insights tab where you can see what time of day gets the most engagement from your followers. Choose a two week window of posting at a certain time before testing a new one and then compare data. You may think your audience is most engaged in the evening, but they actually may be more likely to scroll during a midday lunch break – or vice versa! 

Use quality images and pictures with people 

While this may seem like a give-in, having a great brand aesthetic goes beyond just taking carefully curated shots. Take time to plan out a structured brand look and stick to particular shades and coloring. Think about how your entire layout will look and plan ahead with useful apps like Preview or UNUM. This will allow you to have a stylish and appealing layout people will aspire too and enjoy following.  Investing in a professional photographer to take shots of your team or people using your product or service is invaluable. Images with people in them always get more engagement than just product images. Even just adding a pair of hands can make an image more relatable. 

Use key hashtags 

Do some research on your competitors and similar businesses and see what hashtags they are using. Create a list of hashtags to add to all your posts. Creating a signature hashtag or two for your products will also be a great way for followers to keep up with your posts and for you to collect user-generated content. Another way to boost engagement is to click on the hashtags you use immediately after posting and liking other recent posts under that category. That will give those posters a notification form you and peak their interest.

Connect with influencers 

Spend some time seeking out influencers in your field. Look into the proper channels to contact them and offer to send them your product or service for free in exchange for a review post. Cultivating these strategic partnerships will be a great way to reach a larger audience with similar interests. 

Host giveaways 

A universal truth is that people love free stuff! Brainstorm something that you could giveaway monthly or quarterly and start building hype around it. You can request your followers like your post and tag a friend for an entry, the more tags the more entries, which will really help bring outsider eyes to your posts and page. Make sure to always read the IG and FB giveaway guidelines as they differ, but there are lots of ways to turn giving away one item into gaining many new followers who look forward to engaging with your posts for the chance to be a winner.