Digital Marketing for Racial Justice: Promoting the PBS Documentary “The Black Church” through CT Creative Studio

During Black History month 2021, PBS released its groundbreaking documentary “The Black Church: This Is Our Story. This Is Our Song.” In partnership with Christianity Today’s CT Creative Studio, we utilized digital campaigns to generate monumental interest.

In February 2021, as the country commemorated Black History Month, PBS released a documentary series on the history of the Black Church in America highlighting the struggles, victories, and transformations that have taken place in the church over the centuries. The Black Church is a beacon of hope in the Black community and continues to lead the way towards racial equality in America. When CT Creative Studio, the paid advertising branch of Christianity Today, reached out to us to run social media campaigns for the documentary, we were ecstatic.

The project was a story of collaboration. As our team developed creative and copy, PBS and CT Creative Studio provided critical feedback. We strategized where best to allocate resources and implemented campaigns on Facebook and Twitter. Throughout the course of the campaign, we closely monitored metrics and optimized ad spend to funnel into higher performing ads and placements. CT Creative Studio developed an engaging, free viewing guide the audience could download and use to follow along. Coordination and constant campaign management helped us surpass CT Creative Studio’s internal goal of 600,000 impressions in eight days of promotion.


Campaign metrics between February 9 and
February 17, 2021

Days of Promotion
People Reached on Facebook
Impressions on Facebook and Twitter
Link Clicks on Facebook and Twitter
Post Engagements on Facebook
Post Shares on Facebook

Multi-Channel Advertising

Figuring out where to place ads and how to allocate budget between platforms can be as important as the ad creative itself. Our experience on every major social media platform allows us to provide strategic guidance that can dramatically improve the outcome of a campaign. Along with paid advertising campaigns on both Facebook and Twitter, our team harnessed the power of Christianity Today’s expansive social media following by posting content on their Facebook page and utilizing the Branded Partner Tool, reaching thousands of additional people, with no additional ad spend cost.

Taking Next Steps with Momentum

After the documentary series aired, Christianity Today followed up on the momentum by utilizing our services to promote another campaign: a webinar about race and the church. Utilizing similar strategies to the PBS campaign, we were able to help their team harness the momentum of the digital conversation and earn over 1,800 event responses to the webinar at a cost of $0.19 each.

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