Do You Know Your Facebook Audiences?

Rachel Morrison

August 18, 2021

When creating a Facebook campaign there are three different audiences you can target. Depending on your needs, all three can be utilized to get the most accurate targeting for your company. 

Core Audience – With a core audience you can design your audience to be as broad or narrow as you like and the options are endless. You can target based on the following options:

  • Location – You can use anything as broad as a country to as specific as an address and can decide what mile radius around the location you’d like to target. This aspect is crucial to make sure you’re not wasting ad dollars showing your message to an audience that isn’t able to partake in your products or services.


  •  Demographics – Define your audience using markers such as age, gender, job title, education, or relationship status. 


  • Interests – This is a great option when your product or service is similar or related to specific interests or hobbies. For example, if you sell hiking gear you’d want to target people who have an interest in hiking and in similar brands like REI and Eddie Bauer. 


  • Behavior – This is more of a broad category but allows you to target people based on their shopping behaviors, device usage, and interest in upcoming events. 

Custom Audience – A custom audience is a great way to connect with people who have already engaged with your business before. Some key options are:

  • Site Visitors – Place a Facebook Pixel on your website and then you can target people who have visited. Visitors to your website are already familiar with your brand and are a warmed up audience so this is a great approach when trying to garner interest. 


  • Contact List – Upload information from your CRM system or email list to target people who already have contacted or are in contact with your business. 


  • Facebook Sources – You can show ads to those that have engaged with your FB, watched your videos, filled out a lead form or more. Anyone who took an action on FB towards your business can be targeted with ads using this option. 

Lookalike Audience – This audience is a great way to branch out and connect with people who are likely to want to engage with your business. Once you have a core or custom audience that is successful you can then create a Lookalike audience based on this engaged audience. Facebooks’ algorithm will then target people similar to those that enjoy your company and find it useful, creating a whole new group of potential customers you may not have been able to reach before.

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