This year has brought about some new and unique design trends that have broken some of the more traditional rules of design. If you are lacking design inspiration at the moment, check out some of these design ideas!


  1. Designers are creating modern designs through experimenting with typography. Oversized typography that goes off the side of a page is a huge trend at the moment. By using giant type and heavy typefaces, designers are able to create engaging and unique compositions with just type alone. Getting creative with type, is a perfect way to grab an audience’s attention with just a headline.

Not only is giant type a massive trend at the moment, but so is distorting the type itself. Designers will intentionally stretch and manipulate typefaces in order to create depth and blend the type into the overall design better. This helps to make the design look less flat and gives it more dimension. This can also create movement and rhythm, which can really unify a design piece. 

Along with altering the type itself, adding or combining other elements has been a recent trend. Using words as a frame for images, curving and distorting words and phrases to create shapes, transparent type and overlapping text with images have all been style choices that have created interesting design compositions. Adding extra elements, designs and shapes have also been popular and has helped create artistic, one of a kind typefaces. Just using type as the main design element also helps to create a minimalistic look.


  1. Illustrations have also been a popular trend recently. Designers are including line art, doodles and simple illustrations within their graphic design work. Combining doodles with photography helps to create a more interesting and eye catching piece. Having illustrations interact or replace elements of a photo opens up more opportunities for designers to create innovative and unique designs. Line art also helps to keep a piece clean and is usually not very obtrusive when combined with other elements. Popular flat illustrations are usually a combination of simple lines and shapes. In addition to static images, these illustrations are used within videos and animations, which are also extremely popular this year. These simplified illustrations often help to convey ideas or communicate a message better, despite their lack of detail.


  1. Patterns and textures are a major trend at the moment as well. Designs that utilize patterns and textures move away from the more static and flat designs that have been very popular in the past. Designers will experiment with combining or mixing different patterns to create a unique look. Using these patterns or textures can even be used within illustrations or text, which can make these elements pop. Experimenting with textures in only specific sections of a design can really help draw an audience’s attention to a key area within the piece, which can be helpful in creating a focal point in a design.


These are just three examples of recent design trends that can be helpful if you are experiencing a design block. Try experimenting with different uses of type, illustration and pattern within your next design. Hopefully this will inspire you to break a couple traditional design rules in a way that will create some new, unique pieces!