Hosting a giveaway is a fun, interactive way to grow brand awareness, product hype, and your following. Running a giveaway before the holiday season is the perfect way to bring attention to your business while also bulking up your mailing list for those Black Friday and Holiday promo emails. Here is a quick guide to the different types of Facebook giveaways, tips on navigating those tricky guidelines, and getting the most out of giving away. 

Types of Social Media Contests:

  1. Your audience can “like” your post to be entered to win. 
  2. Your audience can leave a comment to be entered to win. Ask them to tell you their favorite holiday tradition or leave a review of your brand – Get creative with the question and the answers will come pouring in. 
  3. With this giveaway you can run ads and create social posts leading to a landing page where people can subscribe to your email list to be entered to win. Make sure to note you are asking them to subscribe to be entered. This is a great way to grow your email list so all new subscribers will be signed up in time for upcoming holiday promotions.
  4. Ask your followers to comment with a picture or submit an image to be entered to win. Ask for images of customers using your product or doing something creative that relates to your brand. This is a great way to collect valuable user-generated content that can be used throughout the year. 
  5. Ask your audience to use a signature hashtag on their posts to be entered to win. This will create a hashtag associated with your brand and will make it easy to locate all the entries. 
  6. Some combination of the above! You can ask your audience to like an image for one entry and comment for an additional entry. Or ask your followers to post a picture of themselves using your product accompanied by your signature hashtag, etc. 

Giveaway Best Practices 

  1. Make sure the product you’re giving away has value akin to what you want to get out of it. If you simply want post engagement, giving away a couple “sticker packs” or smaller items may be a good idea since the participants have a higher chance of winning and it’s a low ask. If you are looking to grow your email list with new subscribers and will only be announcing one winner, make it something people would be willing to take the time for – something tempting enough to give up their email address. 
  2. Use compelling and eye catching visuals, specifically branded for your giveaway. Facebook only allows images with 20% or less text, so use text strategically. Brand visually appealing images, videos, or gifs of your product with words like “Win This” “Giveaway” “Free” to entice people to stop and click. 
  3. If it’s a long term giveaway, create a specific banner image for your FB page and website so people will know about it as soon as they click on your page. 
  4. Make sure your giveaway has a seasonal edge. If you sell workout equipment, pushing a giveaway in January will get more results then in December when getting fit is the last thing on people’s minds. If you sell swimwear, wait until spring to start getting people excited about your products. 
  5. Having a clear and concise landing page for email gathering. Don’t have a lot of text, keep it sweet and simple and make sure the subscribe box is front and center. Provide information about what will be given away and when the winner will be announced so no one ends up confused and leaves your website without entering.  If you provide a service or your product is a more complex sell, make sure to have a section with client reviews or testimonials below the subscription box.  
  6. You can not ask people to tag a friend, share your post, or share it to a friend’s timeline. Basically anything that pulls in another person who didn’t ask to be involved can be seen as spammy and will be taken down by Facebook pretty quickly.
  7. Use compelling language, that really gets people excited about taking the time to enter. Words like: “limited time”, “limited amount”, “special edition”, “one of a kind”,  “win big!” etc will help create a sense of urgency and anticipation.