Scaled from $0 Ad Spend to $200,000 for a Big Data Agency

Increased Client Reach

Reached more than 3 million people

Scaled Ad Spend

Scaled from $0 to $200,000 in ad spend

Increased Clicks

We generated 102,080 unique link clicks

Large # of Campaigns

Handled 112 campaigns managed for 51 clients

Gloo is the world’s first data solutions platform built for personal growth and development. In November of 2017, Gloo began the complex process of testing their data insights for churches and recovery centers through social media campaigns. They hired us to implement, optimize, and analyze each of those campaigns.

Our team coordinated with theirs to develop best practices for implementation and reporting, adjusting our strategies and techniques as the scope of the project evolved. As a dynamic tech startup, Gloo needed an agency with the flexibility to grow alongside the project. Today our team coordinates with their content creation and marketing departments to assist with strategy, ad copy, and sales funnels, in addition to the ongoing management of campaigns.


  • Managed $200,000 in ad spend
  • Generated 102,080 unique link clicks
  • Over 3 million people reached


  • 112 campaigns managed for 51 clients
  • Ad spend scaled from $0 last year
  • Multiple Easter campaigns for churches this year filled past capacity
  • Some recovery centers reduced their client acquisition cost by 10X

“Collaborating with Ashby & Gabriel has been an absolute asset to our organization. Their team is always prepared, responsive at a moment's notice, and is constantly optimizing to drive fantastic results. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to boost performance with a trusted partner.”

Daniel P.Project Manager at Gloo

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