It might sound silly, but when it comes to return-on-investment—the value of stickers is immeasurable! Stickers often cost less than $0.50 each, and have the potential to catch the eyes of thousands of customers in their lifetime. When it comes to print designs, nothing beats the value stickers provide. Here are 4 ways stickers can help take your brand to the next level: 

  • Stickers Build Team Spirit
    Stickers are a great way to bring unity and fun to your company culture. Stickers on your team’s laptops or office decor help foster a sense of teamwork and company pride.
  • Stickers Make Your Brand Look Generous
    Donald Miller’s Storybrand encourages the idea that it never hurts to be a generous brand. Giving out free stickers is a fantastic way to offer extra value to your customers and demonstrate that your brand is generous and fun.
  • Stickers Invite Customers Into Your Story
    Stickers help your customers feel that they are a part of something—a part of your brand’s story. Chances are, if a customer has a great experience with your brand and gets a free sticker along the way, they’ll probably end up putting that sticker on a laptop, water bottle, phone case or other prized possession. The sticker (and your brand) then become a part of your customer’s everyday life.
  • Stickers are Brand Evangelists

This is where the value of stickers really comes in—just imagine how many people could see your stickers out in the world every day. Stickers can catch the eye and spark the interest of potential customers by the hundreds or even thousands.

Stickers are not only fun, they’re one of the most cost-effective marketing channels available! Stickers are a powerful ally for a solid marketing funnel and strong digital strategy. If you’re looking to build an effective marketing strategy for your brand, send us a message. We’d love to become part of your story.

Stay fun,