How To Create A Visual Theme For Your Instagram

Courtney Jane

July 21, 2021

Creating a theme for your Instagram isn’t only fun, it can also help to bring more followers and visitors to your site. People love themes, and when they click on a page with a well-thought out appearance, it might make them want to scroll through, which can mean more business for you in the long run. There are infinite ideas out there, and while the prospect might be overwhelming at first, the benefits of a beautifully curated page are worth it! Here are some tips from a designer and marketer. 

Narrow Down Your Content

It can be tempting to just post whatever is going on in your life, from weddings to what you had for breakfast. While this may work well if you are a lifestyle blogger, for most brands, you would do well to have a more narrowed focus. If your focus is travel, only post images that are relevant to that topic. Your audience wants to be able to expect what they’ll see from you. If you’re a fashion company that suddenly starts to post about food, you might lose some of  your audience’s attention. 

Determine Your Style

Is your style clean and modern or does it skew more vintage? Are you warm and bubbly, or cool and calm? It’s a good idea to know what style you’re going for so that you can maintain consistency throughout your feed. Be sure to center your style around your target audience, too – there is something to be said about remaining genuine to yourself, but as a brand, it’s beneficial to listen to your audience’s needs. 

Create a Color Palette

It’s best to choose 3-4 colors to center your images around. By doing this, you add more structure and familiarity to your feed. Try to only post photos that include the majority of your chosen colors. Have fun with it! You can do anything from a full neutral palette to complementary neon. Check out an extensive color wheel to help you choose your own personal palette. 

Pick a Filter, any Filter

You can use Instagram’s built in filters, or you can choose another app to be your filter fix. Choosing the same filter for every image gives your overall feed a cohesive appearance and helps to regulate lighting, contrast, and saturation. Play around with the intensity of each filter and even mix filters together until you find your desired look. There truly are endless options here, so feel free to experiment!

Design Some Highlight Covers

After you’ve mastered the overall appearance of your Instagram feed, it’s time to design some highlight covers to match. You can use simple, solid color circles that mimic the colors of your feed, or you can try something more artistic, such as a watercolor background or line art. If you’re a beginner in design, I would recommend the apps Canva or Overapp to create your covers. If you’re a bit more advanced, why not take some time and design them in Adobe Illustrator? It’s all in the details. 


The possibilities are endless when it comes to a visual Instagram theme, but don’t let that overwhelm you. Instead, let it inspire you to take it in whatever direction you feel inspired to go. Appropriate research and planning go a long way, but nothing comes out perfect the first time. Don’t be afraid to adjust in response to your brand’s needs and audience’s demands and find what works for you. 

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