For longer than I would like to admit, I was not using hashtags correctly. I would just slap them at the end of any copy I would write, because I thought that was all it took to see results. 

Sadly, and not surprisingly, I never saw any engagement coming from hashtags. 

Hashtags are a great tool you can use to instigate genuine connection with those who might be interested in your brand, and more importantly, those who might be interested in making a purchase. 

Use the checklist below to assess whether or not you are using hashtags correctly. 

I am specific about the hashtags I use. 

Selecting broad hashtags helps your post become more discoverable, giving you a larger audience to connect with. For example, if you are a sneaker brand, using a hashtag like #sneakerhead might help you narrow in on a large audience that would likely identify with your brand. 

I place hashtags in the correct places. 

Make sure to place those brand-specific hashtags inside the copy of your post. These hashtags could be your slogans or catch phrases. Then, use those broader hashtags you came up with in a separate comment. Formatting copy in this way leaves your post looking clean, while still making your posts easy to find. 

I spend ample time engaging with hashtags after posting

Go the extra mile and click around inside the hashtag library. Make a list of the hashtags that are working and the ones that are not. One you find a good fit, make sure to like, comment, and engage with users who are also using the hashtags.  

I know who to engage with in the hashtag section

You might find yourself disappointed after commenting on a verified user’s post with no love in return. Rather than spending your time engaging with already established brands and influencers, check out the recent section of the hashtag library. This is where you can find more accessible users, who have the time, energy & bandwidth to engage with your brand. 

I’ve thought about my goals before getting keyboard happy

What’s your gameplan? When commenting on posts, understand the message you desire to articulate. Sometimes this looks like creating a template message to go off of. Templates, however, can oftentimes feel spammy, so do your best to add a sprinkle of genuine authenticity to your commenting when you can. 

Hopefully these tips get you out there hash-tagging correctly & more importantly connecting with users who love your brand!