You’re probably reading this at home right now. The majority of people are now working remote because of COVID-19, but decision-making, agility, and versatility is important for all businesses, freelancers and organizations during these weird times. I’ve been working from home or on the road now for 3 years now so I’ve learned a few tips on not losing your sanity! Avoid becoming two spidermans! 

Establish your routines

It’s easy to lose your routines working from home. Your commute from your home to work essentially drops to zero and now your eating cereal in your pajamas with Zoom open and your video shut off. You start to lose a sense of reality once you cross this dangerous chasm. Get dressed, have breakfast just like a regular work day and then “go to work.”


Pay attention to the environment you’re working in. Many of us who are tied to our computers are doing work that involves clear thinking, It’s hard to be creative and to write well in a space that is cluttered or distracting. 

Change scenery

After working at your desk, kitchen table, (dare I say bed!) change locations every hour! Move to the couch, stand on a counter and answer a few emails, just change it up! 

Background Sound

Figure out what music or background sound you like working to. I personally can’t listen to music with words in it if I’m working. I need classical or just background noise. My go to is this garden sound. It makes me think that I’m working in nature!

End the work day with exercise (probably the most important tip!)

At the end of working, you need buffer time to signal the end of work and the beginning of your life. The best way to transition your mindset out of work is to go for a walk, go outside or do an exercise at home. Use this time to move out of work mode!

Working from home is a big adjustment. When you start, give yourself a little forgiveness if you don’t feel like you’re being efficient or if you aren’t keeping up with your structure and boundaries. We’re all adjusting to this strange new world!