Thinking about updating your brand? Not sure how to decide? These questions can help you evaluate whether your brand needs an upgrade or if your current look is still good to go. 

  1. How long has it been since your last brand update?
    Has your brand been rocking the same logo since 1995? The best logos are timeless and resonate with audiences across eras (think Adidas, Coca-Cola and Apple to name a few) but the majority of logos are products of their time and may start to look outdated as design trends come and go. But older logos can still be effective, so if you’re fond of that 25 year old logo, don’t despair. Consider the next two questions as their answers can help determine whether it’s time for a change or not.
  2. How is your business doing?
    Is your organization struggling to make sales or gather leads? Are you unable to recruit passionate brand evangelists across your social media channels? It may be that your brand is not connecting with your audience. First impressions matter, and a cluttered logo or drab colors could tune out your audience before they ever hear what you have to say. With people viewing over 3,000 marketing messages per day, your brand must be able to stand out. A brand refresh could make a big difference in gathering leads and revenue for your business. On the other hand, if you have an old logo but your business is doing great and has plenty of repeat customers; that’s a strong sign that your brand is still resonating with your audience. In this case, if it’s not broken, don’t fix it!
  3. Does your current brand feel disorganized or unfitting?
    This question is probably the most important. Maybe you spent a lot of money on a logo that ended up as a disappointment—something that didn’t fit the brand vision you wanted to create. Or you were given a single PNG logo file without any other structure or guidance like color codes and a complete brand guide PDF. Your brand should be a source of pride and confidence for you and your organization, if it feels more like a headache, then it’s definitely time for an upgrade.

If your brand needs an update, give us a call. Each brand we design is made by collaborating directly with you and informed by extensive research into your target market. Don’t settle for a disappointing brand any longer—get a brand you can be proud of.

Rachel Thompson