I began my digital marketing career back in 2019, as the first Marketing Assistant for Ashby and Gabriel. At the time, the agency only needed my position for about 15 hours a week. I spent most of my time scheduling meetings and taking notes on calls. It was simple work that eventually grew my understanding of the intricate details surrounding the digital marketing work that we do. 


I worked my hours alongside a nanny job, which consistently brought me over 50 work hours per week. However, the flexibility of my remote job paired with the demand of my nanny job brought me to some really cool places – like Switzerland. 


Eventually, I came to a fork in the road. Stay on as a nanny for another year, jeopardizing my growth as a marketing professional, or move past what felt comfortable at the time to pursue a career in marketing. In the end, I chose what made the most sense for my future. Over the course of the past year, I have moved from Marketing Assistant to a full-time Account Executive at A&G.


The work that we are doing at Ashby and Gabriel is so important, making the mission easy to get behind. In a world of agenda-pushing, we partner with brands seeking to make a real difference in the world. Then, through the use of various digital platforms, share their cause with people who are genuinely interested in the offer. 


Our co-founder explained it like this –


“We used to live in an age where billboards were the best form of advertising. We’d hope that the right people would see an ad at the right time, but there was no real way of measuring results. Now, through the use of social media science, we can target the exact demographic looking for a particular product. We can measure the results and then strategize a gameplan for attaining the most conversions, purchases, or whatever else you might be looking for. 


Here are some of the campaigns I am most proud to have worked on. 

CT Creative Studio: Asian American Pastors Speaking Truth and Confronting Hate

On April 30, 2021 we partnered with CT Creative Studio to promote their latest webinar, Asian American Pastors Speaking Truth and Confronting Hate. The conversation was led by a panel of Asian-American pastors, in response to the violence committed towards the Asian-American community early this spring. This campaign led to over 400 event responses in less than a 2 week period. The retargeted audience from this campaign will be used to promote their next webinar Reflections On A Year Of Racial Reckoning in remembrance of the one-year anniversary of George Floyd’s murder. 

ONE KC – ONE Church, ONE Word, ONE Lord  

For the past year, we worked on the ONE KC campaign to bring gospel access to those living in Kansas City and around the globe. Over the course of this initiative, we developed several lead generator campaigns, which contributed to dozens of collected emails. These campaigns consisted of a free wallpaper download, gratitude guide, and Easter-themed ebook. Similarly, we partnered with ONE KC to develop a church marketing package, for church partners to utlize over the course of the campaign. This package consisted of over 50 posts, templated captions, and a boosting strategy. In sum, the total impressions for this campaign were over 1 million. 

CT Creative Studio: PBS The Black Church

When CT Creative Studio reached out to us to run social media campaigns for the PBS Black Church documentary, we were ecstatic. We strategized where best to allocate resources and implemented campaigns on Facebook and Twitter. Throughout the course of the campaign, we closely monitored metrics and optimized ad spend to funnel into higher performing ads and placements. Check out the full story here.  


All this to say, my qualifications and work experiences did not get me to account executive. They brought me to the door, but I had to put in the time and effort to make a space for myself once in the room. I wasn’t entitled to a job, just because I had a degree. There were plenty of nights, after working a 12-hour nanny shift, that opening up my laptop to learn a new application felt impossible. I am thankful to work for a company that took a chance, taught me a skill, and helped to provide me with professional value. 


And to anyone out there working two jobs, not sure where you’re going in life – just remember progress isn’t linear. 


If you develop a skillset, work hard, and create meaningful relationships, you’ll catch a break. In the meantime, be present in the grind. It’ll make the journey sweeter, once you get to where you’re going.