Marketing Proposal For Rook

Thank you for considering Ashby & Gabriel as a marketing partner. We believe our experience and values match Rook’s need for strategic growth. Our approach will be optimized for high quality leads and test the end-to-end journey through Rook’s platform.





Basic package: $3,000 per month

Mid-Level package: $4,500 per month

Comprehensive package: $6,000 per month

All packages based on a three month agreement.

Cost does not include ad spend which is paid directly to social media platforms.

About Ashby & Gabriel

We are a results-driven digital marketing agency. We take strategies that have been used to sell products, and craft them into tools that make impact. Our clients are addressing some of society’s most complex challenges, from poverty, to environmental justice, to relational health and natural disaster response. We support them with cutting edge, holistic digital strategies. We adapt the traditional agency model into a fresh approach that fits organizations who can’t be defined by old paradigms.

Key Information for Rook

Content Ideas

Content Ideas

  • Utilize "Do I Qualify" feature for lead generation
  • Quiz: Do you know how to leverage your equity?
  • Webinar: Utilize the Rook team to create a recorded webinar
  • Audience Testing and Development

    Audience Testing and Development

  • Upload and match existing database. This audience may not be available based on platform restrictions. 
  • Utilize social media platforms to develop geographic, demographic, and interest-based audiences
  • Utilize tracking codes to retarget engaged audiences
  • Quality Over Quantity

    Quality Over Quantity

    The initial phase of Rook's marketing strategy will be focused on generating high quality leads that complete the application process. During this phase, we will rely heavily on testing to determine insights that will later be used for scaling. 

    Important Targeting Information for Rook

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    (No cryptocurrency ads allowed)

    Case Studies


    Scaled from $0 Ad Spend to $200,000 for a Big Data Agency.

    The Family Project

    Reducing Poverty and Restoring Families.

    Everglades Trust

    Consulting for a Cause.

    Meet Our Clients


    Scaled from $0 Ad Spend to $200,000 for a Big Data Agency.