Growing Revenues with an
E-Commerce Watch Brand

Huge Holiday Season

Produced the highest holiday revenue in the brand’s history.

Scaled Ad Spend

Scaled overall ad spend by 100% in 6 months

Increased Monthly Revenue

We grew monthly revenue 2-3X

Marketing Demographics

Created comprehensive marketing demographic guides for hyper-target audiences.

Redux’s COURG watch is the first titanium watch to have succeeded through Kickstarter. In a sea of major watch brands, micro watch brands, and everything in between, Redux needed to stand out and reach their demographic in the digital space. A&G came in to help refine marketing messaging, develop strategy, and handle implementation through Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads.

Running ad spend as a bootstrapped micro watch brand isn’t easy. A&G helped strip away wasted ad spend to focus on the most efficient campaigns, identify low-hanging fruit, and define the brand’s marketing message. Redux needed a team to manage digital marketing so they could focus on product development and other aspects of their business.  


In six months of management, we:

  • Scaled Ad Spend by 100%
  • Tested and established 2 new advertising channels
  • Consistently earned 3-4 times return on digital ad spend


  • Developed a feedback loop with customers through polls to help with understanding Redux’s audience.
  • Unified branding and marketing messages across multiple channels.
  • Extended sales funnel to better retargeting and returning customers.

“Thanks to Ashby & Gabriel’s heavy lifting on Facebook tactics, I have more time to focus on product development, which is vital to our growth.”

Elbert C.Redux Watches

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