How A&G Helped Sidekik Sell Out of Product for the Holidays

Increased Brand Voice

Reached more than 110,000 people

Found New Audiences

Attracted more than 700 new customers

Increased Monthly Revenue

We grew monthly ROI by 10x in less than 45 days

Order Value Went Up

Increased average order value month over month

Ashby & Gabriel worked with Sidekik from October 2018 to today, at an initial growth phase.. When we started, we already knew Sidekik was a product line built for social media success. They had eye-catching, fun visuals, a strong brand story, and a unique product in a broad market.

We came alongside them to manage their digital marketing strategy, social media ad implementation, and hone their messaging. Within the first month of ads management with a bootstrapped ad budget, Sidekik did $18k in revenue and was consistently hitting a 10X ROI.


  • Biggest holiday ever for the company
  • 10X ROI within the first month
  • Did more revenue in our first month working with them out of their 2 years of business total
  • Established New Ad Account Structure
  • Doubled Page Followers


  • A&G built their ad strategy structure to be sustainable while testing new markets
  • Together, we helped Sidekik create a stronger brand presence without sacrificing efficient ROI and increasing their volume in sales
  • We focused their strategy through a bootstrapped ad spend to make every effort in turning their ad spend into profit

“These past two months were the first time we ever did Facebook ads, and we surpassed the revenue levels of the last two years combined.”

Eli D.Founder of Sidekik

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