Because of COVID, I know countless people who have started a side hustle. It’s not their day job, but they love the work and they are getting money from it. You may be either starting or growing a side hustle and it’s incredibly exciting! I want to list out a few social media marketing tips here for anyone who is just starting something small or trying to grow their side hustle!

First, let’s lay out context. 

You’re offering something that others find valuable (hopefully!). You should be positioned here as the thought leader, so speak, write, post with authority and passion in it! Even if you may not feel like that, that’s how you are and that’s how people will come across your work or service. 

Let’s map out a basic user journey!

There’s only a few ways people can learn about you, hear about you and then eventually purchase. This map lays out exactly what that looks like. 


  1. People will learn about you!
  1. Through social media 
  2. Word of mouth

There are really only two ways right now for people to learn about you. Your social media is the one you can control so make sure to place your attention to this. 


Tips for your socials: 

  • Place yourself in your customer’s shoes or maybe your follower’s shoes. What are they seeing? What do they know or don’t know about you? Is your page helpful to them? What’s missing in communication? What do they want and how can you help them? 
  • Don’t be confusing! Make sure it’s clear what you do and what makes you different from people who are doing the same thing. 
  • To increase your page’s visibility, encourage followers to share your content or who you are. Also consider spending some money on paid ads on these platforms. 
  • Engage with others in your community or your target audience! Follow, like, comment, all of those things so people know you exist. 


  1. If you’re interesting and helpful to people, they will want to learn more! 
  1. They will click through to your website if you have one! 
  2. They may even look up reviews to see if you’re legit. 


This is just a natural progression with someone who is learning more about you. It’s a progression in the relationship. 



  • Make sure your website is also very clear and there’s a clear way to contact you, purchase, or accept information. 
  • Your site cannot be cluttered. Make sure it’s easy to navigate.


  1. The final step. 
  1. They follow you. 
  2. They purchase something. 
  3. They forget about you. 


There’s only three things that can happen now. If you are helpful and clear about what you provide, people will either immediately purchase something or follow you. If they don’t resonate with you, then they will click off and continue on their day. 


This whole three step process can happen in 15 seconds or less. People scan and get rid of information pretty quickly in their mind.


Overall, the most important practice to do is ask yourself these things: 

  1. Is it clear on my socials who I am and how I’m different? 
  2. Is it easy for someone to purchase or learn more about me? 
  3. Am I utilizing all of the tools within my social media?