If you’ve logged into Facebook’s Business Manager in the last few months, you’ve seen the warnings: iOS14 is coming! Tensions between Facebook and Apple have continued to heat up as Apple seeks a more progressive approach to addressing data privacy. The latest update from Apple, iOS14, will severely impact advertiser’s ability to track website traffic for purposes like measuring conversions (purchases, add to carts,) as well as retarget website traffic, among other applications. Users will gain the option to opt out of data tracking. The consequences of the change will be complex and lead to immense challenges for businesses that rely on digital advertising. The time to start preparing a strategy is now.


You can check out this update from Facebook to learn about the specific technical updates you need to make to your ad account and website in order to keep your business running smoothly. 


Most marketing experts believe the consequences of the update will be far-reaching and significant for businesses that advertise online. Instead of a technical “how-to,” this blog is going to cover a few key strategies you can utilize to minimize impact, and evolve with the changing regulations.


Utilize ad formats that keep traffic within the Facebook ecosystem


If you’ve primarily utilized ads that drive traffic to your website, you’ll want to expand your strategy. Facebook offers several ad formats that keep traffic within Facebook, which will decrease the impact of the iOS14 update. The most important options are:

  • Event response ads
    • If market in-person or virtual events, consider utilizing Facebook events instead of a landing page. You’ll easily be able to retarget people who show an interest in your event, track signups, and even notify guests of event updates.
  • Lead generation ads
    • Lead generation ads are one of the most powerful ways you can use Facebook ads. Offer a piece of content, an event sign up, or some other form of value, and create a lead form on Facebook to capture people’s information. By keeping traffic within Facebook, you’ll have a higher conversion rate, and also gain the ability to retarget anyone who starts your lead form but doesn’t submit. 


Diversify retargeting methods


If you have primarily relied on custom conversions or landing page views for retargeting, consider diversifying your strategy. You can also retarget off of Facebook page engagement, video views, lead forms, Facebook events, and lists. Strategize how you can fit alternative retargeting methods into your digital funnel. 


Examine different performance metrics


One of the Facebook metrics that will be most deeply impacted by the iOS14 update will be landing page views. As internet users opt out of data tracking, this metric will become less and less reliable. When it comes to strategy and reporting, we are advising our clients to examine both landing page views and link clicks. Since link clicks take place within the Facebook ecosystem, they will be less impacted by the change. Averaging out the difference between landing page views and link clicks will give you a more accurate picture of the data.


Don’t skimp or procrastinate on the changes to your ad account and website


Facebook has provided a clear list of steps you should take immediately to keep your ad account current. You’ll need to verify your domain, rank your conversions, and more. Checking your Business Manager regularly will help you keep up with the to-do items Facebook sends you. If you don’t have an in-house team member who’s qualified to make these changes, consider hiring an agency before your business suffers.


Stay flexible


While some consequences of the iOS14 update are known, there will be many surprises along the way. Experts disagree on the extent the change will affect digital advertising, and Facebook continues to release new updates. While your digital strategy should always be nimble, that will especially be true over the next several months. Testing new methodologies will be increasingly important. Consider testing new ad placements, optimizations, and expanding your media buy to new platforms. You may find that leaning in on email, messaging, and texting platforms increases your overall return on ad spend. 


Do you still have questions about the iOS14 update? Let’s get in touch! We’d love to help.