Vibrant Church: Journey to Launch

Vibrant Church launched in Plantation, Florida on August 18, 2019 with roughly 387 attendees, the second largest church plant launch in South Florida. 

“2/3 of our first time guests during our first month said our social media is how they first heard about us and decided to visit.” -Brandon Sereg, Lead Pastor at Vibrant Church

Launching a church anywhere is challenging, but Vibrant launched in a county where fewer than 3% of the population regularly attends church. How did they overcome the odds and establish a church prepared to making a lasting impact in South Florida? What does it take to launch a church at that scale? 

Vibrant worked with a team of partner organizations, along with 25 individuals who relocated to South Florida to plant the church, to create a holistic marketing strategy focused on building genuine relationships in the community. While our agency focused on digital campaigns, Vibrant also partnered with a direct mail agency, and committed themselves to relentlessly pursuing connections on the ground, from volunteer work to giving away groceries and setting up booths at local events. 

Ashby & Gabriel created targeted digital campaigns to elevate and amplify their efforts, reaching over 187,000 people in the seven weeks leading up to their launch.

Phase One: Building Audiences

To find the right people in the Plantation area, we worked with Gloo, the world’s first data solutions platform built for personal growth and development. Gloo created audiences and reports to help us deeply understand the people of Plantation, including their demographics, needs and values.

“Vibrant Church signed up with Gloo with the objective of using data to inform the marketing strategy for their launch. They were looking for an agency that was educated on using Gloo’s data to inform target audiences and messaging.  I have consistently been impressed with Ashby & Gabriel’s work in managing campaigns for our mutual clients and knew they were the right people for Vibrant’s launch. Ashby & Gabriel developed creative and copy that resonated with the target persona of Vibrant Church.  The result was the right message reaching the right people and an incredible turnout on launch day!” 

-Megan Wilt, Champion Success Manager at Gloo

Phase Two: Creative Messaging

Vibrant Church already had a clear mission: to help the people of Plantation live a better story. We partnered with Persaud Creative, who developed the Vibrant website and visual brand, to begin optimizing their message for social media. 

“We needed to build recognition in Plantation, Florida for a brand new church and did not know the best way to get this done. Ashby & Gabriel was referred to us and we found them very eager to help us and educate us along the way. They put together a game plan for our needs, delivered what they promised and they were delightful to work with.” – Michael Persaud, Persaud Creative and Church Brand Guide

After taking the time to carefully analyze and understand Vibrant’s brand, and study the audiences created by Gloo, our team got to work generating compelling social media creative.

“Vibrant’s brand was built for social media success. With bright, scroll-stopping brand colors and strong video content, developing eye-catching designs was seamless.” – Rachel Thompson, Graphic Designer at Ashby & Gabriel


Phase Three: Campaign Implementation

During the seven weeks leading up to launch day, we launched campaigns focused on three core goals:

  • Introduce the Plantation community to Vibrant Church
  • Express Vibrant’s values and culture, and provide meaningful opportunities for people to become part of their community
  • Retarget people who showed an interest with consistent reminders about Launch Day and provide resources to dig deeper and learn more about Vibrant

Throughout campaign implementation, we refreshed the strategy with compelling video content developed by the Vibrant team. This video, featuring Lead Pastor Brandon Sereg, provided viewers with a clear idea of what to expect on launch day, from parking, to walking inside, to grabbing a cup of pour-over coffee. Content like this- which radiates authenticity and relational connection- goes a long way to make people comfortable taking a major step, like attending a new church for the first time.


“What’s notable about the Vibrant Church launch is the incredible coordination between groups. From their commitment to authentic creative and getting in front of the camera, even when it felt uncomfortable, to the precision targeting provided through Gloo’s audience activation, to our team’s creative input, this work took a village, and that’s what makes it excellent.”

Megan BerameCo-Founder at Ashby & Gabriel
Viral Reach

Reached more than 187k people

High Engagement Levels

Received over 66,822 post engagements

Increased Clicks

We generated 4,254 unique link clicks

Launch Day Success

More than 380+ attendees on launch day

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