Color is a powerful first impression that will form instant emotional associations in the minds of your audience. There’s lots of psychology behind color and the way our brains relate it to opinions and emotions. When your logo/brand identity was designed, the designer should have provided some rationale behind the colors picked to represent your company. If not, what are your brand colors saying about you? Here are some common brand colors along with the emotions people most often associate with them.




Red is the color of excitement, passion, and impulsivity (notice how many fast food restaurants use red in their branding!). Brighter tints of red can make your brand look energetic; darker shades can portray elegance and sophistication.



Navy is typically seen as traditional and trustworthy (many banks use it in their branding!) and also gives off a sense of calm and serenity. Navy is a great color to demonstrate the credibility and trustworthiness of your company.



Green has become hugely popular in branding as more and more companies strive to be seen as natural and earth-friendly. Green is a color found so often in nature that people naturally associate it with growth, renewal and wholesomeness.



Like red, orange conveys excitement and energy. It’s also associated with creativity and movement. Orange is a great color for brands focused on health and fitness or a creative lifestyle.


Do your brand colors tell the story your company wants to be telling? If not, give us a call and see what a rebrand could do for you.