Fun Fact: 99% of consumers check their emails daily. 

I, like many millennials, believed that email marketing was a thing of the past, but that simply is not true. Studies are showing that 73% of millennials prefer email marketing to any other form of business communication. 

So if most people are spending copious amounts of time in their email inboxes and prefer email communication to anything else, one must ask, what is the best strategy for emailing effectively? 

Here are some things to consider when preparing an email marketing campaign:

Don’t be spammy

I once subscribed to an email list for a really popular bracelet company. After making a purchase, they continued to email me EVERY DAY. Although I was excited about my purchase, bracelets are not an in-your-inbox-every-day kind of essential. It is a privilege to receive someone’s personal email, treat it as such and give them the content they are really looking for. 

Remember the value proposition

As I mentioned above, you should always think about the recipient’s needs first. What are you offering to make their time worthwhile? Think about offering email subscribers insider information like new product launches or discounts. 

Be Clever

Let your wit lead the way. Coming up with eye-catching subject lines is the best way to get your targeted audience to even open up your email. If you’ve run out of ideas, try using a subject line generator

Automation is your friend 

Why do all the hard work when you don’t have to? Many platforms like Mailchimp or Constant Contact will manage your contacts and the email sequences for you. These systems will email the consumer throughout the entire purchasing process. They also allow you to create email templates for convenience and style. 

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Happy Emailing!