E-Commerce Beauty Company Grew Revenue by 30% & Tapped into New Profitable Channels

Increased Brand Voice

Reached more than 650,000 people

Found New Audiences

Attracted more than 1,500 new customers

Increased Monthly Revenue

We grew monthly revenue by more than 30%

Order Value Went Up

Increased average order value by $10

Ashby & Gabriel worked with YLLO from October 2017 to March 2018, during a critical growth phase as they began to scale their business. When we started, we already knew YLLO was a product line built for social media success. They had bright, crisp visuals, a strong brand story, and a product that creates return purchases, over and over and over again.

We came alongside them to coach their digital marketing strategy, social media ad implementation, and hone their messaging. Within six months of coaching, YLLO increased their average monthly revenue by 30% and was consistently earning between a 3 and 6 times return on their digital marketing ad spend.


In six months of coaching, we:

  • Increased average monthly revenue by 30%
  • Increased average monthly sales by $3,000
  • Increased average order value by $10 (significant for a small products brand)
  • Scaled ad spend by between 25 and 50%
  • Consistently earned 3-6 times return on digital ad spend


  • The YLLO team learned more about the ins and outs of social media marketing and became more empowered to implement future campaigns on their own
  • Together, we helped YLLO create reasonable expectations and have a more holistic approach to their digital marketing
  • We focused their strategy on key areas with consistent action to grow their business

“Kent and his team really take their time to analyze your brand and present realistic options that will improve marketing. They consistently come up with new ideas and metrics without you even asking.”

Jamil B.Co-Founder of YLLO
YLLO is a turmeric-based skincare line inspired by Indian traditions that naturally nourish skin in transparent and holistic ways. YLLO seeks to solve complicated problems with ingredients you can feel good about. Founders Jaz and Jamil were tired of ineffective products with mystery ingredients, and used their passion for simple, vegan products to create YLLO. They also wanted to build a company that gives back.
YLLO donates 10% of their profits to nonprofits that work to prevent child marriage. The cause is close to home for Jamil, who was raised in a Bengali family. In Bangladesh, a third of girls are married before their 18th birthday—mostly against their will to a man they barely know. His own grandmother was married at just 9 years old. His mother’s marriage was arranged when she was 16, causing an abrupt halt to her promising track and field career. His goal is to empower girls to make their own choices while educating communities on the negative effects of child marriage.

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